how to find out what employer rights are!
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Being an employer it’s important to understand the importance of your rights and responsibilities. As an employer it is important for you to provide a safe and healthy environment to your clients. Some of the employer rights are as follows:

1. First of all make it sure that the workers have adequate information and knowledge of the senior managers and certification regime, to work in a safe and healthy manner.

2. Provide basic facilities to the workers such as clean toilets, pure and clean water etc.

3. Make it sure that all the things are accurate and perfect. The emergency equipments are serviceable, fire alarm are working etc.

4. Always monitor your workers health. If some of the works does not seem dine then allow him or her break or rest.

5. Monitor the performance of your employees and give them the task in which they are excellent.

6. Do not overburden your employees. Create a friendly environment so that you can communicate them in the best way.

7. If you find something wrong then immediately take an action.

8. Provide basic instructions and training to employees on work, health and safety.

Being an employer is not an easy job to perform. You have to manage all the small and the big things.

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